Unsettling Worldviews

If Indigenous and impact values were deeply embedded then new ways of acting in the world could evolve into radically reimagined practices. In this world, cognitive knowing and emotional ways of being intersect with acts of doing that are situated in place, animated by motion, echoed through time, made and remade by story. This complex weaving of related threads is served by cultural narratives grounded in memories of, a commitment to and a vision of how to live life sustainably on the land.

Working across geo-political and culturally diverse contexts isn’t swapping out one worldview for another. Instead, it is an awareness of the forces that reinforce dominant worldviews and acknowledgment of how we can be blind to worldviews other than the ones we inhabit. Unsettling worldviews asks us to be aware of our own positionality, including the implicit assumptions and values that guide our belief systems, and alive to what it means to engage with knowledge systems other than the dominant ones that have shaped our current narratives. It is an invitation to see pluriversal perspectives and learn from different knowledge systems.