Intrinsic Motivation

For researchers drawn to the translational, action-oriented, participatory, organisational and ecological orientation of applied research, a turn towards social impact might feel aligned with your research ambitions than raising your hi-index ever did. This space might ask you to rethink how you do research but it is less likely to unsettle your core values. Whereas if you have always run randomised controlled trials and sought to establish clear and causal relationships between your research intervention and changes, including the interdependent variables of social systems means rethinking not only tried and true research activities but also how you evaluate your research in this dynamic context. Engaging with communities and industry partners may further call into question how you feel about integrating lived experience insights and professional practice expertise with your data gathering and analysis. Whatever the shift being asked of you, being able to reframe your research motivations around the specifics of the context and being clear about why it matters to you will make room for different ways of working and collaborating with others.